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Wish List

We've signed the lease, we've got the keys and plans are progressing well, I can not begin to thank everyone for their continued support.  

As we move on to our next exciting stage we have added some items to our wish list. Often, it is not only the financial donations that makes a difference but the gift of a tangible item that can have a huge impact on our organisation. Our hope is that people in the community who see this list might be able to help meet these needs in some way or know someone who can. 



Do you have a stash of ribbons and string that you no longer have a use for? Would you like to see them put to good use? If so, we would absolutely love to take them off your hands. 

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Spare Garden

Are you having a shed clear out and have some gardening tools you no longer need? We would love to take them off your hands and we will certainly put them to good use in the cutting garden.

Spare garden tools

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A Composter

Flower bombing began as a random act to leave mystery bouquets of flowers on benches in and around Barnet & Haringey specifically to brighten up people's days

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paper bags.jpg

Small Paper Bags

Just right for our confetti we are always looking to increase our stock of small paper bags. 

Paper bags

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Seed Bank

Have you a bank of flower seeds you would like to share? Part of our work with young offenders involves planting and bringing on plants to add to our stock at the cutting garden 

Share seeds here

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Dehydrator for Confetti

At the Flower Bank we try to reduce waste as much as possible. With a dehydrator we can speed up the process of making our own confetti. 

Dehydrator gift

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Water Butt.jpeg

A Water Butt

You never know what we will have in stock. Planted hanging baskets, acers, tomato plants, pots, containers and so much more. Why not pop in and see what we have, as you never know, it could just be what you are looking for. 

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craft Paper.jpg

Craft Paper

We are always looking to increase our stock of craft paper for our classes. So do remember us if you are having a clear out as we will be happy to take recycle your papers

Craft papers

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Poting Shed..png

Potting Shed

We could really use a potting shed to help with cultivation and germination of our seeds. If you are getting rid of a shed, in good condition, we would absolutely love to have it and put it to good use. 

A potting shed

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small envelopes for seeds.jpg

Small Seed Envelopes

These would be perfect to store our seeds in and to become part of the seed bank at our community hub. 

Seed envelopes

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A Van

The great news is that we are collecting more and more flowers and plants but the bad news is our small car is simply not big enough. 

So if there is a sponsor out there that would support us with a van we would love to hear from you

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Thank You

Every day we are humbled and thankful for the support we receive. 


Thank you 

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I am very grateful to Ursula for providing us with her very imaginative and unique creations every week.  Friend in Need Community Centre is a charity which provides services to elderly people in the East Barnet area and this Easter week Ursula managed to treat all our members with a bunch of daffodils which made them so happy."

Friend in Need, East Barnet (April 2018)

We'd Love your Support!

There are so many ways you can help:


Volunteer | Make a Donation | Become a Corporate Sponsor | Donate Flowers


Get in touch with us to find out more.

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