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Flowers for Weddings, Events and Funerals

About Us

Sustainable | Zero Waste | Green Living | Eco-friendly | Recycled | Upcycled

How do you feel about these words? If, like us, you shout yes, I'm in; you are in the right place!

I love a challenge when creating a wedding or event - the most significant challenge is that I can't accurately predict what flowers will be available until the day of collection.  However, I can work with a colour scheme and, with some alchemy, create something beautiful for you. 

Whatever your occasion, we would love to be a part of it. 

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At the Flower bank, we love weddings. Our blooms are perfect for brides and grooms wanting a sustainable or zero-waste wedding. At the Flower Bank, we embrace sustainable floristry methods whenever possible, and we’re always on the lookout for greener solutions, especially when it comes to flowers for events such as weddings. Working with us, you are already reducing your carbon footprint and making a positive impact. 

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Events and Styling


Do you need flowers for your event?  Are you worried about their cost?  The Flower Bank is here to help by providing beautiful and affordable flower designs for all occasions. 

We've worked for the London Jewish Family Centre, City Bridge Trust, Jewish Care, The Bridge Renewal Trust, and The Love Life Gala, and I'm thrilled to be creating my first wedding in June.

Container hire  - we're building up a collection of containers for events and if you have an old casserole dish, glass goldfish bowl or teapot you're thinking of donating to a charity shop, please think of us first.

Funeral Designs

When a loved one, co-worker or neighbour dies, sending flowers is customary, but you can be charged a small fortune for a beautiful coffin spray or letters.  I know first-hand just how expensive funeral flowers can be, especially if you are on a limited income.

There is, at last, a green alternative; the Flower Bank offers affordable flowers to those on a tight budget using only the best-wasted flowers.  After all, we want the flowers to look beautiful as a way of expressing our condolences and a way of honouring the departed.

Flowers are typically meant to bring hope and healing to those in fresh grief, and yes, you can do this, and it doesn't have to cost you the earth.​

Talk to us about our needs here.

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