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Street Flower Bombing

It began as an awareness exercise for our Spacehive crowdfunding campaign - leaving bunches of flowers in and around Barnet, Haringey, and Central London for people to take home and enjoy. Throughout the pandemic we have continued to Flower Bomb, benches, walls, bus stops, you name it we have flower-bombed it. 

January 18th was Blue Monday, officially the most depressing day of the year. Which made us think, how can we brighten up someone's day? 

As you know, we often drop flower bombs, and we know how they cheer the recipient up, so of course, we could do a random flower bomb, but somehow that just didn't seem enough...

So we thought a little more and came up with the idea to flower bomb a whole street.


Blue Monday was banished from Sebright Rd as armed with buckets of flowers we hit the street, dropping bunches of daffodils at people's door and running away. 

It was so much fun and it certainly brightened up our day. We received so many lovely comments from the residents, some even took the time to email us. We even received a donation through our website. You certainly made us smile and who knows, it could be your street next. 

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