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Funeral Designs

When a loved one, co-worker or neighbour dies, it is customary to send flowers but you can be charged a small fortune for a beautiful coffin spray or letters.  I know first hand just how expensive funeral flowers can be especially if you are on a limited income.

There is at last  a green alternative,The Flower Bank offers affordable flowers to those on a tight budget using only the best of the wasted flowers.  After all we want the flowers to look beautiful as a way of expressing our condolences and a way of honouring the departed.

Affordable flowers sounds distasteful to some when associated with the death of a loved one but there is nothing wrong with looking for a something beautiful but affordable, especially if you have limited funds available.  

Flowers are typically meant to bring hope and healing to those in fresh grief and yes, you can do this, and it doesn't have to cost you the earth.

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